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Christmas 2012 (Hilde)

Christmas 2012 (Hilde) published on 2 Comments on Christmas 2012 (Hilde)

Since learning about Christmas a few years ago, Hilde has yet to master the nuances of the Christmas spirit.

If you haven’t heard today is the day that the Mayan long count calendar runs out. Which for some reason means it’s the apocalypse.

Merry Apocalypse!!

Christmas 2012 (Bludgeon)

Christmas 2012 (Bludgeon) published on 3 Comments on Christmas 2012 (Bludgeon)

Just another undercover assignment for Bludgeon King.

And thus the holiday season begins here on it’s going to be mostly holiday content for the next week or two. We’ll return to the story on the 31st at the latest.

Incidentally if you’re making any charitable donations remember that here on Earth those guys with the red kettles and the bells are collecting money for a homophobic organization.