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August 27, 2009

Oh wow that looks so nice, I totally need to buy some of that the next time I’m at my local chemist’s.


Natural History of Lagend is brought to you by:

Jensen’s ye olde Horror of the Deep
Each of Jensen’s high quality horrors has met our rigorous standards for unmitigated blood-curdling terror and has passed the scrutiny of a panel of mad sailors.

And thanks to Jensen’s patented “pop-top” you can be sure each jar contains a fresh living horror, without ever subjecting yourself to the trauma of looking inside.

Jensen’s horrors have one million uses!
*Frightening muggers/murderers
*Protecting your valuables
*All natural laxative
*Discipling children
*Getting revenge
*Great for Practical jokes

Jensen’s number 1 in horror!

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  1. Kmeeper says:

    i guess it could also be used as a gift for people you hate.

  2. Khend says:

    I’ll take ten cases! These things have too many uses not to keep three on hand for any occasion.

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