Unforgettable Date 1

August 30, 2009

Hey look it’s Tom, you remember Tom right? You don’t? Oh yeah, I guess you wouldn’t.


Ray McNickle’s pawn shop, sits nestled between the larger buildings of the city.
Tom: I just don’t get it, I’m the most prolific thief in the city and I still can’t get arrested.

Inside, Tom is splayed over the shop counter, Ray looks at him annoyed.
Ray: I didn’t ask you over here to hear you complain, Tim.
Tom: Tom.
Ray: Whatever.
Ray: Try to compose yourself, I have a surprise for you.

A bell attached to the door rings as it’s opened.
Tom: A surprise?
Ray: And there she is now.

Fiona walks in, Ray greets her.
Fiona: Hello Ray.
Ray: Tiberius,
Tom: Tom,
Ray: allow me to introduce you to Fiona Constantinople, she’s a big fan of your work.
Fiona: Pleasure to meet you.

Tom: Work? You mean-?
Ray: Treasure hunting! Tyler, you’re my executive treasure hunter remember.

Fiona encroaches upon Tom excitedly. Tom begins to blush.
Fiona: This store always has the most amazing jewels and artifacts, and I just had to meet the man who finds them all.
Tom: Oh umm,
Fiona: Are you free today?
Tom: Uh, sure.

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  1. Jinxed says:

    Yay for Tom! ^^

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