Prologue 01

April 1, 2008

Why doesn’t someone make a movie about a kid who beats up adults? Now that would be funny.


Nikol bounds over a low wall, a crowd of beaten labbit pirates behind her. One of the pirates is pointing in her direction.
Labbit Pirate 1: Get her!

A group of three labbit pirates appear before Nikol.
Labbit Pirate 2: We got you now.

Nikol throws a punch resulting in a resounding POW

Nikol throws a kick resulting in a SNAP

As one of the pirates clutches his throat gasping for breath, another cradles his freshly broken arm. Nikol jumps over the third pirate.

Nikol stomps on the third pirate face.

Nikol propels herself to the roof of a nearby building. The pirates watch from below.
Labbit Pirate 1: Son of a bitch.

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