Prologue 04

April 4, 2008

Some times as an author I feel that I play a little too much into Lapak’s hands.


Lewk and Serra paddle their tiny boat towards the speck of an island on the horizon.
Serra: Just because you saw land after praying to Lapak doesn’t make him real.
Lewk: Sure Serra,

Serra: Actually you would have seen it sooner if your eyes hadn’t been closed to pray.
Lewk: Of course Serra.

The two continue to paddle but the island now appears much closer than it was just a couple panels ago.
Lewk: Hmmm, that island seems to be getting close fast.
Serra: Yeah, too fast.

A confused look crosses Lewk’s face, while Serra tries to stifle some laughter.
Lewk: Wait a second.
Serra: Snicker.

Now only a few feet before them what the two though was an island is actually a medium sized floating turtle with a few small bushes growing on its shell. While this news has Lewk shocked and mortified Serra begins laughing uncontrollably.
Lewk: Oh come on!
Serra: BWA HA HA HA!

Serra continues to laugh failing to notice, as Lewk has, that a ship has appeared on the opposite side of their boat.
Serra: Ha ha, where’s your Lapak now? ha ha,
Lewk: Uh, I think he’s behind you.

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