Lagend by Lars Brown

December 1, 2009

This comic brought to you by my good buddy Lars Brown. You should check out his website. And you should buy some of his books.


Serra is eating a banana split while she, Nikol and Lewk are lounging on the deck of their ship. A voice comes from over the side.
?: Excuse me? Can someone lend me a hand.

Our heroes look over the side to see a young man, Prince Thrastia, in a row boat surrounded by sharks.
Prince Thrastia: Fantastic. I was hoping you could help keep me alive. You see there are men who want to kill me and, right now there are also sharks.

The prince’s clothes are ripped and he has a weather beaten look, but his expression is hopeful.
Prince Thrastia: Recently I found out that I was the lost prince of the kingdom of Thrastia. Good news after growing up an orphan. All I have to do is get these documents to the notary on the isle of Wyatt and I’ll ascend to the throne. Easy, except for all of the assassins who have been sent to kill me. And the sharks.

The man continues his story but is surprised by Serra’s response.
Prince Thrastia: I can’t pay you now but you will be well compensated when I-
Serra: Pass.
Prince Thrastia: Wait, what?

Serra delivers her statement with an air of detachment.
Serra: We’d love to help you but we’ve already fought like three other ships in the last couple of weeks. We got the church hanging over out heads and maybe ninjas? I don’t know. Then we’ve been fighting off sea monsters and undead mariners all month. We’re all adventured out at the moment.

The heart broken prince looks like he’s about to break down in tears.
Prince Thrastia: Ah… I see…

The prince’s eyes glaze over as he rows his boat off in defeat.
Serra: Yep sorry, bye now.
Prince Thrastia: Right… I’ll just be on my way now…
across the shark-infested waters…

Serra turns to Lewk and Nikol to explain herself. and to deliver news that excites them both.
Serra: Don’t give me any grief about this. I know you two wanted to say the same thing. Keep quiet and I’ll make you both a banana sundae.
Lewk: Ooh.
Nikol: Okay!

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  1. DHGM says:

    Heheh, sharks, everyone on Lagend knows that dolphins are much more ferocious than sharks.

  2. AkuMetsu091 says:

    What you say would make no sense under normal circumstance. Not unless someone would take the dive into more side comics anybody who reads this I cannot be any more obvious.

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