The Mall of the Red Wizard 1

December 6, 2009

I played Brutal Legend, and while it’s not entirely great the first part came packed to the gills with the coolest looking environments I’ve ever witnessed in a videogame. As a result I was inspired to create a setting that looked like it could be on a Heavy Metal album cover. So ladies and gentlemen, I give you; The Metal Lands

I also named that big hairy monster you see there Ordigon, which is sorta like Ormigoden, which is the name of a metal monster god who figures into the early parts of the game.


Title: The Mall of the Red Wizard

The snowy plains of the Metal Lands are dotted with ominous black stone sculptures of monsters and heroes; out of their every orifice they ooze red hot magma. A lone traveler dots the plain, riding on the bare back of a rust white beast*

*In most of the world terms like beast, creature, and monster have fallen into a general lax usage in which they are meant to describe most any animal that is considered unpleasant, However in the Metal Lands where all life is generally unpleasant these words are specific labels, of which beasts are considered to be on the less unbelievably dangerous side of tame.

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  1. Em Kultra says:

    Sounds like a chapter of North World.

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