Chapter VI 23

February 22, 2010

SPLAK, I sure use that a lot.


Grin pulls Nikol up by the collar of her vest. Failing to notice that small dagger she is using to cut the ropes binding her.
Grin: sigh (In Etoese) It seems the only fun I’ll get out of you will be through torture.

Nikol’s bonds snap as she cuts through them.

Nikol thrusts the blade into the eye hole of Grin’s mask.

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  1. Lady Amber says:

    Now thats giveing him (?) an eye full !!!!! ;)

  2. Gillsing says:

    She sure is looking like a wild thing in that last panel. Groovy.

  3. Sabreur says:

    I’ve know so little about Grin, but I already know enough to smile inside at the thought of him getting a knife to the face.

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