Chapter VII Cover

April 26, 2010

Uh oh, that looks like trouble.


Story and Art by Nick Daniel

Chapter VII: A ‘Royal’ Visitation Injects Our Heroes into a Plot to Pilfer a Holy Fossil

Lewk donned in Tarkan armor addresses a crowd of Tarkan soldiers, unbeknownst to him a large mask warrior stands behind him, his massive blade poised to cut Lewk down.

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  1. Dudikov says:

    The Kings’re in this one?! This chapter is gonna rock. It already looks great.

  2. Nick Daniel says:

    Since when does anyone read the tags!?

  3. Sabreur says:

    @Nick: I think we all check the tags, especially for our favorite characters.

    On a different note, this chapter does indeed look awesome. I like the shadow of Boomerang King there in the background.

  4. AkuMetsu091 says:

    AKA Grave robbin’ for the good.

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