Chapter VII 05

May 7, 2010

Ugh Lewk, it looked like Sawl had an army on the last page.


Lewk waves cheerily at the crowd of crusaders.
Lewk: Hi guys!

Sawl’s subordinate Crystal waves back at Lewk.
Crystal: Hello!

Sawl gives Crystal a look capable of stripping paint.
Crystal: Umm, I mean, surrender heathen.

Sawl thrusts his sword as if to signal an attack.
Sawl: Enough! I am here to arrest you Lewk, for the crime of… HERESY!

Lewk smirks, apparently unimpressed.
Lewk: Really Sawl, you and what army?

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  1. Sabreur says:

    I love the first two panels so much. They just look so happy and cheerful!

  2. Dracain says:

    Heh, ya, whenever Crystal shows up I get a laugh

  3. Ice Raven says:

    Crystal and Lewk have just got to be A couple sooner or later they just belong together!!!!! ,,,,, ;) :) {*v*} :P :D

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