Chapter VII 57

September 8, 2010

That’s Tarkans for you, ready to convert from soldiers to slaves after one small skirmish.


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Serra smiles at the Third King, a chuckle directed at her situation.
Serra: But I guess it turned out alright.

As Serra bathes the Third King, the Tarkan soldiers can be seen tending to their wounded and performing menial tasks, cleaning and mopping blood off of the Unspeakable Terror’s decks and railing. One of the wounded soldiers is standing next to Serra, saluting.
Serra: You’re just lucky I keep the medical supplies so well stocked.
Soldier: Sir?
Serra: Yeah?

Without returning the salute Serra points to the rear of ship with her thumb.
Soldier: We’re running low on leeches.
Serra: The hold, third crate on the left. Nexta the swords.

As the soldier walks past Serra to the hold he’s startled to hear Serra threaten him off-handedly.
Serra: And don’t try anything or I’ll sic the kid on ya,

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  1. wtachi says:



    (sorry, didn’t notice I was filling in the transcript form!)

  2. Dudikov says:

    This reminds me of that scene from ‘Pirates of the Caribbean: CotBP’ where Natalie Portman is told she can choose to dine with Barbosa in a dress or dine with the crew in the nude, only really reversed and and 100% more ‘threatier’.

    “Tarkan Soldier x25 has temporarily joined your party!”

  3. Nick Daniel says:

    Badly Injured Tarkan Soldier x25

  4. Dudikov says:

    Does that mean you gain the ability to throw them at enemies for paltry damage? That could be useful, especially on a boat.

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