Chapter VIII 8

November 19, 2010

Of course there are a lot more potential paths on that flow chart, but they all lead to eternal shame.

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  1. dood says:

    That flowchart may just be the best thing ever. Did Nik draw it herself?

  2. TeakandOrange says:

    A lot of the paths seem to lead to someone getting a sword to the head. That notebook paper background’s a pretty nice touch as well.

  3. Nick Daniel says:

    She did make it herself. A mastery of the arts is key to a pure warrior spirit don’t cha know.

  4. dood says:

    I am the death wind

  5. Nick Daniel says:

    Stop before I have you arrested for unlawful impersonation of the death wind.

  6. dood says:

    I am eternally shamed!

  7. Dudikov says:

    Love the background, awesome work. Oi also love Nik’s intense face. This chapter’s gonna be fun.

  8. DHGM says:

    This should be the T-shirt, or maybe a poster.

    Chores-> Master Dies-> Crane Kick-> TOTAL NINJANESS!!
    \ \ /
    ETERNAL SHAME MUTHAFUKA!! 70-Seas: It takes all kinds

    I wonder if Lapakkan clerics and priests go through similar trials.

    Chores-> Messiah Dies-> Holy Warhammer-> POPE!!!
    \ \ /
    ETERNAL DAMNATION HERETIC!! 70-Seas: It takes all kinds

  9. Khend says:

    Best. Ninja. Flowchart. Ever.

    Seriously, this should be a shirt or poster or something.

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