The Clutches of the Serpent 01

July 1, 2011

Giant snake statues, that’s certainly a good sign.


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Hilde the Barbarian, mounted on her trusty beast of burden, Ordigon, overlooks a series of snowy peaks into a crater of lava and black rock. Snake heads and obelisks dot the interior, lava pouring from the serpents’ out streatched jaws.

Title: Hilde of Stykkisvik in ‘The Clutches of the Serpent’

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  1. DHGM says:

    Woah! chapter 9′s done already? I didn’t think they were done wrapping up, though I do like frivolty.

  2. Gillsing says:

    That’s some impressive scenery. Hilde sure knows where to travel.

  3. Dudikov says:

    @DHGM Frivolity? What’s that?

    This page looks great. Did’ja ink/screen tone manually or digitally?

  4. Nick Daniel says:

    Digital, just like every other page of this comic.

  5. DHGM says:

    @Dudikov: Frivolty is the miscellaneous stuff that Nick draws in between the main story arcs. “The Dive”, “Lost and Found”, and “Grubs” are all examples of the frivolous stories that come between each chapter.

    Or frivolty is something WAY different from what I just said and now I look like an idiot (well, BIGGER idiot I guess).

  6. Dudikov says:

    @DHGM I deliberately posed the question in a quizzical manner so as to denote the time betwixt the present and Nick’s last Frivolity session – Frivolity was a brief thing Nick did every now and then in which he’d speedily produce a series drawings/sketches, the content of which was determined by request. tl;dr, we’d say stuff and Nick’d draw it. It wasn’t really planned, and requests were usually weird enough (he drew a Spartan bear fighting a mechanized shark in a coliseum setting the first time), so like a week or two after the very first session, he did it again and called it Frivolity.

    @Nick Daniel I love the look, it feels incredibly graphic novel-esque. Hilde + Metal Lands + GN format is like Cool².

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