January 5, 2008

Mary Mendele is the third 70-Seas extended comic I ever made, I wrote and drew it over a twenty four hour period starting January 5 2008, making a page an hour.

I started with the idea of nuns practicing super science, and worked from there.


Mary Mendele

Sister Debra Tudre stands at the entrance of a large empty hall, behind her a well worn campus green.
Debra: Hello.

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  1. Carlos Mendeleh says:

    I’m curious the why I had choose the Mendele name for you character… Mary Mendeleh was the name of my grandfather sister, aka Mariam Mendeleh. She left Ireland few years after my grandfather has run away (he had been sentenced to death by the English court, he was a 12 years boy acting as a courier to O’Connor group. His name was Einaar.

  2. Nick Daniel says:

    The Mendele part of the name is a mix between Gregor Mendel the founder of genetics, and Josef Mengele a nazi doctor infamous for human experimentation. The Mary part is just because it’s a common Catholic name. No relation to your family I’m afraid.

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