Chapter X Cover

August 26, 2011

Fun in Fra!

…except for Serra.


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In the foreground, Lewk, Alice, and Nikol are seen walking around a Franian Bazaar. Nik expresses a silent threat to Alice, who looks frightened of Nik. Lewk is blissfully unaware. An impressive tower can be seen in the distance, and it appears that Serra is trapped inside.

Title: 70-Seas- Chapter X: Our Heroes Suffer Incarceration and some Accidental Bonding

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  1. DHGM says:

    Man, there is just no pleasing Nik, is there. Give her a break from training, and she puts up a fight. Lead her to a party, and she threatens to break your arms. New crew extremely hot crew female crew member? No, Nik doesn’t like the new girl. And you know what? Lewk is STILL the only crew member of the Unspeakable Terror with a Y chromasome.

    Also, I wanna see Blackadder. Fra is supposed to go to war with Blackadder. I’m hoping to see Blackadder in this chapter.

  2. Sploosh says:

    I really want to see more of Lewk’s religious background.

  3. Lord Tirion says:

    Let me guess, either they didn’t reach on Fra on time, or Serra is in jail because of her orange stripes…

  4. badwolf says:

    why is Serra’s face part of the jail cell

  5. Airedar says:

    But we’ve already seen Blackadder…

  6. Nick Daniel says:

    @badwolf, Because if I drew in all those bars most of Serra’s face would be obscured and then no one could tell who was in there.

  7. DHGM says:

    Wait a second, Airedar, where have you seen Blackadder?

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