Natural History of Lagend 1

November 5, 2008



Natural History of Lagend

A diagram of Lagend and its moon is shown.
Caption: Important astronomical information

Narrator: Lagend is a planet of size, climate, atmospheric, and geological composition analogous to the Earth’s. Water covers 77% of Lagend’s surface. The remaining 23% is composed almost entirerly out of enormous masses of floating coral fossils.

Narrator: Although not typically bouyant, this coral becomes so when present in large quantities (The process responsible for this is not yet understood.)

An underwater scene is shown with a couple of islands floating on the surface.
Caption: Islands, as seen from below.
Narrator: These coral islands come in a large variety of types. Here are but a few.

Several island cross-sections are shown.
Caption: Typical Island: Perfectly ordinary (by lagish standards)
Archipelago: Several seemingly separate islands linked underwater.
Cork: Extremely small, unstable, prone to rolling.
Serpent’s Tooth: Dense ore deposits, ideal for mining.
Slab: Flat, stable.
Sunken Island: Lies slightly under water, hazardous for ships.
Pancake: Thin, flexible, prone to flooding.
Spire: Tall, may tip in extreme situations.

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