A Very Lagish Halloween

October 31, 2008



Narrator: Halloween doesn’t exist on Lagend but here’s how our heroes got dressed up for a holiday that is remarkably similar.

Lewk, Nikol, and Serra are shown standing in costume. Lewk is wearing a togo and appears to be pierced with multiple arrows.
Narrator: Lewk grew out his hair for St. Sebestine his 9th favorite saint.
Nikol is wearing a fish costume, her head poking out of its mouth.
Narrator: It seems that Nikol had been fashioning this costume in secret for months. Apparently she really likes fish.
Serra is dressed as a skeleton with a cloak and a sword.
Narrator: Serra just dug Death’s design.

On a window lit street Crystal is holding out a sack to accept candy being dispensed by a hand off camera, she is dressed as a sorcerer’s apprentice. Behind her Sawl looks bored and is reading a small book.
Narrator: Crystal went out dressed as someone yound enough to go trick or treating. Sawl came along in his reluctant chaperone costume.

In strange ornate costumes Boomerand and Bludgeon king walks down a dark street, as it begins to burn down behind them.
Narrator: The kings had no idea what they were dressed as, but the instructions had been very specific.

Kate and Tanya sit in costumes even stranger and more ornate than the King’s angrily facing away from each other inside their home.
Narrator: Kate and Tanya independently constructed identical costumes. They spent half the evening brooding.

On the jungle shore Dirk appears humiliated, wearing nothing but a grass skirt. Behind him Pally and Mirda laugh furiously.
Narrator: And Dirk found himself in a grass skirt. But that had nothing to do with the holiday.

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  1. Khend says:

    This is a pretty good set of outfits. I want to know how Lewk is getting those fake (I hope >>; ) arrows to stick. And billowy capes are awesome. Not sure where the whole fish thing came from though.

    Crystal is just… lol. Especially with Sawl backing up the image. “People will see what they want to see.” Probably my favorite outfits of the set. XD

    As for the Kings… I’m not sure what they’re wearing either, despite any specifics. Same goes for the twins, really.

    And Dirk appears to be having a rough time adjusting to the island life. We should check back in on him in a later side story.

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