Donovan Dragon Puncher

May 1, 2012

Don’s name kinda says it all.

Donovan Dragon Puncher

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  1. Highlander says:

    Now the question here is: who would win in a fight? Him or Hilde?

  2. DHGM says:

    Woah, I didn’t expect a character so… awesome. I think I could write a story about this guy.

  3. Highlander says:

    I’ve gotta ask does Don punch dragons for a living? or is it just his family name? Or both (as in he comes from a long line of professional dragon punchers)?

  4. Sabreur says:

    @Highlander: Maybe he just punches everybody who asks him that question.

  5. Drakiel says:

    the real question is: do the dragons deserve punching?
    (preps to dodge)

  6. Warsmith Bob says:

    @ Highlander: as to your first question, I’d say they look pretty evenly matched through the first round, but they’re probably gonna need some “alone time” after that.

  7. DHGM says:


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