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@Nick Daniel Thank you for the link and explanation. but the video the link leads to is a clip of some magician accedentally shooting pennies at people and cuts out in midspeech if you don’t have huluplus. nice try though

p.s.(quote from earlier) “unless its fake, which would seem to fit Hassans prankful nature.” hmm… I seemed awful close for someone who didn’t get it…

Back when I had a TV I watched most of the early episodes of Arrested Development, but I didn’t think they were that funny. Just good enough to watch if I had the time and there was nothing better on another channel. Now I certainly don’t have the time. Almost every day I’m behind in my webcomic reading. Today I was so far behind that I had to click back three days on my dailies. What are we going to do about all these people making webcomics? They’re killing me. Oh well. I’ll just carry on. Don’t mourn me. I’ll die doing something I enjoy.

So, this Hulu thing. Is it accessible in Europe now? Because every time I clicked on a Hulu link before, it wasn’t. Just curious though. I couldn’t justify spending $8 on a month of TV when I don’t have enough time to read all these webcomics on my plate.


“Particularly the scene where it is revealed that the toy shop owner has used the prosthetic hand that Buster left in his store to discourage thieves.”

Seems pretty obvious to me: Buster leaves a prosthetic hand in a toy store, and the toy shop owner then uses that hand to discourage thieves, likely in the same fashion that the hand in this shop is being displayed, since otherwise it wouldn’t be much of a reference. I find it mildly amusing even after needing the explanation.