Character Concept: Princess Rosaline

May 22, 2012

One of Willa’s more dangerous friends.

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  1. DHGM says:

    She’s kinda cute. Odd for a damsel in distress to carry a sword though, but I’m not complaining.

  2. Lord Tirion says:

    I’m more curious of the bottle of poison that she’s hiding

  3. DHGM says:

    Y’know, I noticed the bottle, but it didn’t occur to me that it might be poison, though now I notice the skull on it.

  4. Dudikov says:

    I dig the rustic look.

  5. Highlander says:

    Rosaline doesn’t need any carpenters or plumbers to save her, in fact I don’t think any Giant Spiked-Lizard/Turtle/Dragon(?) Kings will get anywhere near her.

  6. Drakiel says:

    for some odd reason when I saw this avoice in the back of my head started chanting, “the cake is a lie, the cake is a lie, the cake is a lie”, not quite sure why though…

  7. Warsmith Bob says:

    Ah yes, Princess Rosaline. Charming lass with the sweetest disposition one has ever seen. Fair hand with that blade as well. Just ah…..

    (Drags you to a dark corner)

    For the love of God, if she cooks anything, DON’T EAT IT!!! It’s not that she means to poison folks who aren’t trying to kidnap her, she just…eh….gets her bottles of ingredients mixed up sometimes.

    Least that’s what we here in Court keep telling ourselves.

  8. DHGM says:

    For anybody who might’ve still wanted one, a DHGM brand redundant character profile

    Princess Rosaline: Emma Rosaline had always wanted to be a princess, it’s the dream of every little girl in Hilla; but to do that you have to marry a prince. While she was still a girl of noble birth, she hardly had the affections of prince Xander of Hilla in her grasp. He hung out with all sorts of girls, and this upset Rosaline to the point that she took desperate measures to ensure her marriage. She slipped a bit of rat poison into the dish of a girl that had flirted with Xander one too many times and made her first step to her eventual marriage of Xander once he was of proper age. But that didn’t solve the problem of the other girlfriends that Xander had, as well as potential suitors of less royal blood. noblemen of Hilla and sometimes Wetonet loved Rosaline, for she was always so sweet, so lovable, so innocent and pure. She acted like that, but little did they realize there was a darker side to her. She slew more and more noble men and women with poison and daggers in the back that the local guardsman believe an assassin has infiltrated the castle, but the authorities still have no idea that it is Rosaline who is responsible for the killings (though a couple agents in the Lapakan Inquisition have a hunch, if not solid proof, of her involvement). Emma Rosaline has slowed the frequency of her killings as of late to avoid suspicion, but make no mistake; Despite her sweet, adorable demeanor, she has the mindset of a murderer, a plan to eliminate all opposition in her quest to become princess, and Xander may unwittingly fall victim to her terrible machinations.

    Unless, of course, Willa has anything to say about it.

    Princess Rosaline Stats: Str- 9 Dex- 15 Con- 11 Int- 18 Wis- 12 Cha- 22
    Special- Knowledge (Poison)

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