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Really digging this design I think it looks cool. Also I can’t remember, has this comic ever had some straight up Pirate-ass pirates? Not Serra’s privateer pirates that have specific rules and such to follow. I’m talking swashbuckling, rogue-like, thieving pirates like this lady seems to be.

Those privateers from chapter II looked like pirates, even if they were privateers (though really, privateers are just pirates that get paid to pillage the right people). They “swashbuckled” in a sense…I should probably never say “swashbuckled” out loud ever.

Meh, I don’t really feel like writing fanon for this chick, she looks pretty good though.

I think she’s too cute. She’s not a real pirate, is she? She looks more like the star in a popular stage play.

(Serra may have coloured my expectations of what a seafaring fighter is supposed to look like.)