Character Concept: Rachel

July 9, 2012

Rachel’s black head breathes smoke, and her red one breathes fire. Both of them will talk your ear off about Kurt Vonnegut.

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  1. Highlander says:

    I think she’s a cute looking character (it would seem you have sort of a thing for dichotomy), but I gotta ask do each of these heads have their own personality or do we have some kind of hive mind situation going on here?

  2. Nick Daniel says:

    One personality, one mind.

    Although oddly enough each has it’s own favorite food
    (her fire-breathing head likes marshmallows, while her smoke breathing head prefers angus beef)

    As for the whole dichotomy thing, I guess there might be something to it, maybe it has something to do with me being a twin.

  3. Sabreur says:

    I know this is a weird thing to comment on, but I like how her boots match her color scheme. It’s a nice little detail.

  4. Dudikov says:

    Does she speak from both mouths transitionally, like finish a sentence with the other head, or does she just speak with both simultaneously and chronically produce an ‘echo’?

  5. Nick Daniel says:

    The first one, although in certain circumstances she can carry on two separate conversations each with a different head.

  6. DHGM says:

    Wait, They both respond to Rachel? I would think each head would want it’s own name. I know she’s not a lagendian though.

  7. The_Rippy_One says:

    @DHGM That would only make sense if they had separate awarenesses – but this is just one person who happens to have two heads. And one impressive mind – keeping two conversations straight simultaneously is hard.

    I could see a changing food preference by head based on the breath weapon changing the taste profile of what’s being eaten…though why heat would make marshmallows tastier…unless the ambient is enough to start caramelizing them…mmm, toasted marshmallows…

    Dating her would be interesting.

  8. Gillsing says:

    If she has one language centre in each brain, then she could possibly carry two conversations at the same time without effort. Or read a book while talking to someone. Or listen to a podcast while reading a webcomic, if she had a computer with internet. Though I couldn’t explain how both heads could be of one mind if both her heads have fully functional brains. Would make more sense in that case if each head had it’s specific functions, such as one head for eating and one head for talking, or something like that.

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