Character Concept: Ash

July 19, 2012

I think she could use some parental supervision.

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  1. Gillsing says:

    Is she some kind of pyromaniac? To be adopted by Mr and Mrs Burns?

  2. DHGM says:

    This looks like the kinda guy who everybody wants to hang out with! Especially in small, locked, flammable rooms!

    He was probably pretty easy to draw wasn’t he Nick.

  3. scienceguy8 says:

    The Third King’s sister? Cousin, perhaps?

  4. Nick Daniel says:

    @DHGM If you think it’s so easy then make your own damned comics.

    @Scienceguy I haven’t gotten all the nuts and bolts figured out for her yet so maybe she could be, hmm but why doesn’t she have spots?

  5. Warsmith Bob says:

    Parental supervision??

    Ash(ley) doesn’t need no stinking supervision!! All she needs is Mr. Yellow and she’s fine.

    What she wants are parents who are understanding enough to move to a place where most things are made of wood.

    I here Eto and Zhang-zhi are wonderful this time of the year.

  6. Mote says:

    I can tell you don’t smoke- That’s a rather large lighter.

  7. Nick Daniel says:

    Or maybe she’s just really small.

  8. Em Dub says:

    Showed this to my gal Ash(ley). She loves it! lol

  9. Nick Daniel says:

    I told Ash about what you said and she was really flattered.

    Unfortunately she isn’t really good at expressing her feelings.
    ash blushes

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