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Chapter XII 31

Chapter XII 31 published on 6 Comments on Chapter XII 31

Update Aug 2 12:00am

The comic is finished, everyone have fun reading the words.

Aug 1 3:52am

Sorry guys,

I hate to do this to you but since the weekend I’ve been kinda sick, whatever I got has been making me really sleepy and my eyes itch, and as a result I haven’t been able to finish page 31 done yet.  It’ll be done and posted sometime Wednesday night, but then I’m going to take Friday off so I can recuperate and then try to build up a little buffer so this sort of delay doesn’t happen again.

Thank you for your patience.


Don’t worry, take your time

btw, I’m curious since I haven’t drawn anything from scratch more complex than a stick figure, what does each color means
it is red, first draft, blue, draft with details and black final inking? now that I think about it, a better question is why different colors?

I use two different colors because a lot of times when using one color an area gets drawn over so much I can’t add anything more to it that won’t get lost in the noise, switching to a different high contrast color lets me keep going without having to stop to erase. I would use more than two but then they all sort of bleed together.