November 6, 2008



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Story and Art by Nick Daniel

Chapter III: An Experiment in Ninja-Rearing Proves Burdensome for a Hapless Porter

A panicked Daisy, toting Nikol in a backpack whilst being strangled to no avail by her, is beset on two sides by Yamami Hikaru and Tobasho Kentaro over a densely-developed pair of island cities.

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  1. Khend says:

    Despite how cool the city looks, I probably wouldn’t want to live there… I’d probably bounce my way down to the docks (and death) the first time I tripped on something. ^^;

    But it looks cool!

  2. AkuMetsu091 says:

    AENRP BHP: AKA Raising a child ninja is hard when you’re a pirate.

  3. NoQuestions says:

    Reminds me of an old fortress-city in spain I visited once. The entire time I was in the city part just below the castle, I really feared I would slip on the wet stone (it had rained recently) and just glide down to the gate and down the steep cliffside into the ocean.

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