Chapter XIII Cover

September 3, 2012

Looks like those Hardy Boys are getting into trouble again.

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  1. Jinxed says:

    Wow, a very straight forward title.

  2. Warsmith Bob says:

    GETTING into trouble? If you look on the shelf above Nikol’s head you will see that Grin has already killed the Hardy boys and peeled the skin off of their faces to turn into masks. Not to worry though, Nikol and Gail are Intrepid Girl Ninjas. As everyone knows, Intrepid Girl Ninjas are inherently better than Intrepid Boy Detectives.

  3. DHGM says:

    Yeah… their both… girl ninjas… right… Gail is a girl right?

  4. Warsmith Bob says:

    @ DHGM: Ch 12, pg. 39, Nikol introduces her to Daisy with: “She’s my cousin Miyomi-” I think Gail is just a nickname she uses to sound more “Fra-nian”.

  5. Highlander says:

    Ninja Hardy boys eh? I think I have a new idea to pitch for a potential Hardy Boys movie adaptation.

  6. Sabreur says:

    Good News: We might learn more about Grin.
    Bad News: … Grin.

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