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Fortress 40K

Fortress 40K published on 8 Comments on Fortress 40K

Fortress40K is a ridiculously complicated game that requires 8+ players, has a zillion tiny pieces, takes days to play, and its rules are the size of a phone book. Of course it’s a big hit with the kids of Hilla

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Starter Set includes one 500pt Lapakan Templars company and one 465pt Orkian savages warband, models unpainted and cards unshuffled. Terrain, paints, glue sold separately at prices so high only spice traders could hope to collect a full, entirely painted force.

Actually that was 5th edition. 6th edition starter set comes with Holy Lapakan Templars and pagan Tarkan Icons.

Thank you for making my clever warhammer reference completely irrelevent; I will now guess who plays which class.

Assuming you’re not trying to invert tropes, here’s my take on the roles:
Donovan- The Heavy
Ash(ley)- The Pyro
Rosaline- The Spy
Willa- The Soldier
Shadow Willa- The Demoman (y’know, cause he’s black)
Xander- The Engineer
Amme- The Scout

As for the two unknowns:
Unknown Left (I think she’s Madison, I’m basing this on nothing)
Seems like a Sniper type to me.

Unknown Right (I think she’s Maria, I’m basing this on nothing)
She seems like a pacifist, so she’d let everybody else pick first, then get stuck with The Medic

How’d I do?

So I got Donovan, Willa, and Amme right.

I did think Ash could be either Pyro or demo, and Shadow Willa coulda been the spy too. I tried to give them roles that best fit their personalities (Or in the case of Madison and Maria, what they looked like).

The medic was kind of a toss up for me.