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Oh, so I gotta write fanon for every future character you show us? Let some other chump do it…

…next time

Robin: In a land-locked urban community frequenting one of the more boring seas of Lagend, where all the kids were becoming young men and women, mild mannered Robin was smaller and later to grow and mature than the rest of her peers. Robin has been cursed with nearsightedness, necessitating thick, nerdy glasses, she is usually the oldest, yet shortest kid in her class, and plays games other kids call “dorky”, like Walls and Wyverns and Fortress 40k, and her only friends are boys who are just as, if not less, popular than she is. She is often the victim of harassment from her high school’s cheerleading team, forced to sit by herself at lunch, and is constantly mistaken for a boy. As her peers went through puberty, getting taller and growing longer and fluffier tails (the kind the attractive boys like), Robin was genetically left behind; she thought this state of affairs would last forever, but fate had other plans (well, more like pranks).
One day her class took a field trip to the local Museum of Evolution, and Robin wanted to see the new exhibit up close. The exhibit was called “The Titans of Tarka”, and that sparked her curiosity. She accidentally knocked over a box containing a giant skeleton covered in some strange embalming liquid, and rushed home before she could get into trouble. Ever since then, she’s started going through… changes; but not the kind she’d been waiting for. Robin hasn’t been getting taller, but her legs have only gotten longer, making her body way out of proportion. She’s become more popular, certainly, but only because more students have started making fun of her for more reasons. Her parents have noticed these strange mutations, but unfortunately her mother doesn’t have a “talk” prepared for legs mutating.
That’s not all. She’s metabolizing food faster and her heart rate has increased; and all to the stupefaction of local physicians. The doctors have no idea what’s going on with Robin, and the city wizards fear she may be cursed. Her mutation sparked religious contention among her fair community, some praising her as some kind of divine vessel, others seeing it as evidence of daemonic possession (certainly due to the “evils of the cult of evolutionism”). Her nerd friends think she should have a costume prepared and become an adventurer like in Walls and Wyverns. After doing some research on the ancient Titans of Tarka Robin fears more strange growths may arise soon, though most of all she just wishes that skeleton would’ve just “given me a fluffier tail!”

Robin Stats: Str- 11 Dex- 13 Con- 9 Int- 18 Wis- 15 Cha- 11