Fishing Trip

November 19, 2012

Whenever Willa and Zander would go fishing Willa always wound up doing most of the work. It had something to do with Zander being a prince.

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  1. Gillsing says:

    All this time I thought they were siblings, which would’ve made Willa a princess. Didn’t occur to me that they’re supposed to be Link and Zelda, with Link not being a prince.

    Hug that fish, Willa! You fish-hugger, you. Just like my dad, when he caught a large pike as it was playing in shallow water.

  2. DHGM says:

    A startlingly accurate depiction of the actual relationship between Link and Zelda. Poor guy can never catch a break.

  3. Gillsing says:

    After just having watched Fistful of Rupees I concur with your assessment.

  4. DHGM says:

    Thank you for that link, Gillsing. I really enjoyed watching that.

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