Character Concept: Maria Merryweather

January 13, 2013

Maria has no arms so she had to learn to do a lot of stuff with her feet, at least she did before she got a scarf with the fantasy world equivalent of cybernetics.

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  1. Seth says:

    Oddly enough, considering how unusual a description that is, there’s already a webcomic character who fits it almost perfectly (except Ananse’s scarf is just a normal scarf that she controls using her own magic).

  2. Nick Daniel says:


    I’d never heard of Paper Island before, but it’s a neat idea so I’m not surprised someone else came up with it too.

  3. Bruudwin says:

    Never heard of Paper Island as well, but like you’ve stated not surprised others came up with this idea. (I’ve forgotten where but I’ve seen it either in mangas or other webcomics as well, all different variations to some degree upon this idea of course!)

    and I’m glad your’s is a positive one (or looks like it for now), the ones I can faintly remember seemed to have usually been geared towards pure violence.

    oh and did you come upon this idea from anything or you individually thought of it?
    (I’m getting a Hunger Games & Battle Royale feeling here, if you don’t know about that, it’s supposedly two separate ideas that never,ever were influenced by one another. But still ended up very, very similar to one another)

  4. Nick Daniel says:

    It’s often difficult for me to parse the exact origin for my inspiration for any given character. but a couple of things that I can think of that might have influenced my creation of Maria are the scarf claw from Stretch Panic (which I never played but was aware of), and Emeralda’s armless mech in Xenogears, Also I think there was a character in one of the Guilty Gear games who used her hair as extra limbs.

  5. DHGM says:

    I’m guessing her arms have the same wormy crap inside them as Hassan’s prosthetics.

  6. Nick Daniel says:

    That is a correct assumption.

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