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The conclusion of 70-Seas

The conclusion of 70-Seas published on 19 Comments on The conclusion of 70-Seas

This chapter, chapter XV, will be the final installment of 70-Seas.  Afterwards I will be moving on to a new and hopefully even better comic on a new site. I’m not quite ready to say what exactly that new comic will be yet. But you can expect more details as things solidify over the next few months.

Thank you for reading 70-Seas,

-Nick Daniel


I’ve been reading almost from the beginning and I always thought this was a very creative setting with a lot of potential. I hope you’re not abandoning it completely and I am excited to see what you will be focusing the bulk of your creative efforts on instead.

*Cries like a bereft and lonely child* This was so good. And Wonderful. And Thought Provoking! AND GOD DAMN SPIFFY!

I shall look forward to your next effort…

Somehow, I can’t help but assume this chapter will be super long just to get through half of the hanging plot threads…

Thank you all for the kind words, I greatly appreciate your readership.

I like the setting too which is why I won’t be abandoning it entirely. I will however be focusing on a specific region of the setting that’ll make it easier to have a large cast of reoccurring characters. Some of those character concepts are definitely getting used.

The past few chapters I felt like we were drawing near to a conclusion of some kind, but still it’ll be a shame to see one of my favorite webcomics go. Either way I’ll follow you into whatever your future endeavors are, best of luck!

Dammit, I had a feeling you were gonna end it here. Ah well, I’ve enjoyed it thoroughly, though I’ve been pretty mute lately. This is literally the last webcomic I read anymore, but I’ll definitely follow anything else you do. I hope Unspeakable Terror’s story won’t conclude here.

Anyway, whatever you do, advertise the shit out of it.