Jinx Coming to a tablet near you.

March 23, 2013

Jinx is now available as a kindle ebook (are we still calling them ebooks?)

And for a limited time (next week) if you leave a review and e-mail me about it I will draw you a picture of whatever you want (within reason)

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  1. DHGM says:

    You should release the rest of you’re stuff this way. I’d totally buy the Proper chapters in ebook.

  2. DHGM says:

    *rest of your stuff

    I don’t know why I typed that.

  3. RedCast15 says:

    “Shut up and take my money!” xD Actually I don’t have tablet, sad now

  4. Nick Daniel says:

    you don’t need a tablet, you can just download the free kindle app.

  5. DHGM says:

    Man, Bismouth’s review was way better than mine. I even mispelled “quiet”!

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