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Wow. I wonder if Gail is right? Makes me think of ‘the movers’ in the Over The Edge PnP RPG. They’re a conspiracy, sort of, where none of them can know for sure if they’re being worked by someone, or if that someone is working for them. After all, anyone working for them could be feeding them information that would lead them to make the decisions that the other person wants them to make.

I’m too much of a slacker to go back and check every instance of the 3rd king, but it doesn’t seem impossible that he’s just making the other two kings believe that they’re in charge of the group while he’s been sending them letters with instructions. After all, he’s mastered everything else he’s gotten his hands on, so why not also be the scheming kind of mastermind, hiding in plain sight?

Dude, I just did that.

And yeah, I did have a vague notion of Bludgeon and Boomerang collecting the 3rd king from somewhere. And as Gail has made me realise, it was probably the 3rd king himself who’d been sending all those messages. He’s a genius, so he could easily get messages past all those guards. Maybe the guards even worked for him or for his legal guardian, and he just had to make it look like he wasn’t the one who’d planned everything, since the other two kings had to believe that they were getting their orders from someone else.

That was your point, wasn’t it? It had better be! Or you’ll have to learn how to make your points so that I can understand them. And you probably don’t want to bother with that…

My point is that I don’t think the 3rd king is ‘the boss’. I mean LOOK AT HIM! The guy has NO attention span for anything that can’t be played with or read, and the guy turns into a bezerker when he picks up ANYTHING that can be swung to hit something. Yes he’s a smart guy, but he’s just not competent.

Look, we’ve seen this guy. The Boss would have to be someone capable of locating and contacting dangerously competent, skilled, and expensive agents across the globe at any time, organizing a fast, precise, and clandestine system of delivering messages and currency to those agents in a timely manner in a way that simultaneously conceals the sender as well as being able to be found ONLY by the intended recipient, and accurately assessing the political situation of any and every city, island, or government.

I don’t know who this guy is, but I’m convinced it is NOT this kid. If left to his own devices, 3rd will either scratch behind his own ear like a canine, invent differential calculus, or chew off his own foot out of boredom.

someone we haven’t heard from in a while, and I’m just throwing this out there…. maybe the boss is Sister Mary? O-o It may be misleading how the skull was delivered to her from “the boss,” and she said it was from “an old friend”, but who do you have of an older friend but yourself? My point being, she has the resources of the church behind her, and the combined intellegence of the sisters everywhere, acting very well as eyes, ears, and hands for her. much like Grin, come to think of it. o-O
HackD out.