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Perhaps the truth of it isn’t as exciting as we thought it was all this time. Can we really deny the possibility that there isn’t one “Grin”, merely a vast cult of killers that have inserted themselves in strategic locations, as well as hunting rouge ninjas such as the Mimagis?

Maybe the mystique surrounding him is nothing but an illusion created partly by Grin, and partly by his own reputation. Is it possible that there is nothing supernatural or strange about Grin beyond mere strength of numbers?

I’m not sure what I think anymore.


It’s also interesting to note that this was the guy who lead out the “Grin” that told them that the Kahn was holding a “green elephant”. Perhaps he whispered it to the one in the blue hoodie to he could pretend like there was something supernatural? Who knows….

Grin could certainly be a cult rather than a single entity with many bodies. But if so, they still need some way to transfer knowledge between each other. I guess that’s where the sniffing comes in? They communicate with pheromones, kind of like dogs, but able to actively send very complex information? Maybe they even have to be some particular type of mutant to qualify? Maybe they’re all Grin’s offspring, and instead of Blackadder-stripes they get pheromone glands and receptors?