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Good, bad, she’s the one with the scary mask. It wouldn’t be the first time someone justifies their horrible actions by the horrible actions committed by others. The road to hell is paved by good intentions, and a lot of bad people think they are good.

It’s probably like the Dunning–Kruger effect, but for morals instead of skill: ‘Bad’ people underestimate how bad their actions are, leading them to think that they’re better than they really are. Meanwhile ‘good’ people overestimate how bad their actions are, so they feel bad much easier, thus stopping them from doing really bad things. (Until they snap and do something horrible, but at least then they’ll know that they did something bad!)

That said, I’m not really seeing Grin claiming to be “good”. I’m just seeing Grin explaining why there can be no peace. Though if it’s you who just decided that Grin is now the good guy because he’s just exacting righteous vengeance on the evil Mimagi family, then I guess that says something about your morals.

Aren’t House Mimagi already largely exterminated? I don’t see Nikol or her mysterious sister producing any little atrocity-committing monsters anytime soon. Though, that assumes they’re actually the last of their clan. I bet this is a ruse to pocket the letter.

Serra’s nonchalance about the whole thing is hilarious.

Nick, there is no way you can let us down, because you are just that awesome. You couldn’t possibly fail to meet our high (and rising) expectations of awesome. Nope. We know you’ll deliver. -nods-

No pressure.


Seriously, you’ve got this.