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Queuing some Doompaul images.

I mean, she still has some backup, this should be less an over-played hit and more a major battle. I suspect, considering Serra’s tact so far, that there’s still an upper hand here.

Oh no folks! Looks like our plucky privateer plunged herself into a perilous pickle in her plot to pilfer a piece of papyrus. Will Captain Serif be able to make her way out of this one? Will the Miyomi clan reveal their reasons for sparing Black blood? Will Fra survive the predatations of Blackadder’s armada? Will Kate and Tanya fulfill the prophesy of unleashing the ocean deity K’thul’yp’so from it’s slumber?

All these questions and more will be answered. Tune in next week for the 70 Seas Saturday morning cartoon show!

(Guest starring Morgan Freeman as Toby Terrier)