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A properly written relationship, with rational thought and consideration to situation AND feelings. Nick…you’ve been holding out on us, writing better romance than 90% of all tv rom-coms…

Meanwhile, are we ever going to get to explore Serra’s family history? like, as a side comic or something? It’s pretty clear Something Happened with the whole Blackadder-rapist (probably?) thing, but it might be nice to know just a bit more…

Huh. Isn’t that what engagement is for? I mean, one of them could always break it off before the actual wedding, right? Which could be up to a year away. Or more?

But I guess it’d be kind of pointless to be engaged while one of them is away on a journey, since they wouldn’t be able to get to know each other better during that time. It’d just be some silly promise to not marry someone else during that time, and who needs that? Not Alice Goldcutter, obviously! She could do better than Lewk. Probably.

@Gillsing: re:Engagement, and it’s annulment – depends – both on the religion and culture.

For example, in Germany, in the 1600’s, it was common to get engaged, and then spend years in that state while the guy got himself established, during which all sort of things, including kids, happened, and no one batted an eye, really, because it was understood that the marriage was coming, so why worry?

Functionally, getting engaged was being married, just, with the hoopla postponed until the couple could afford to move out and have the wedding.

On the other side, there have been times and places where Ranma’s betrothal headaches (of Ranma 1/2 – cliff notes: Guy is betrothed to half a dozen women, through no real fault of his own), was a common occurrence, and they functionally meant nothing until someone put a ring on it -it was a way to gamble on the future through arranged marriages, and then pick the best option when the time came.

And then there were the proto-Persians, who more or less came up with the idea of “marriage” as we know it – except they had 52 flavors, including the lifetime commitment one that we use, but also including one year, 5 year, until there’s a kid, only if there’s a kid, and all sorts of other ones. In at least some of those, the engagement was actually harder to break than the marriage itself, just because of the circumstances.

@The_Rippy_One: Interesting stuff! I just assumed that it works like in a modern western culture, what with the ring being presented like that, and we being supposed to understand it without any particular explanation.