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Chapter XV 58

Chapter XV 58 published on 27 Comments on Chapter XV 58

Ha! I made you guys think it was going to be Grin, but it’s actually Sawl!

Now that I’ve written this page Sawl and Crystal’s Inquisition would be an awesome title for a comic, maybe a future spin-off, but probably not.

And that’s it for 70-Seas. Hopefully I’ll see you all at my new comic, Latchkey Kingdom. I’m not sure when I’m going to officially launch the site*, but I’m shooting for August. You can find updates here, on, Tumblr, or twitter.



*if anyone knows any good blogging tools for that that aren’t wordpress I’d love to hear from you


Unpredictable to the end! Congratulations on finishing, and thanks for all the adventures!

Looking forward to Latchkey Kingdom, but it looks like you should remove the “” from the two links in your post.

I’ll be re-reading all of it!

Lol, I seriously was using the word ‘tunk’ in my head the other day. Congratulations on wrapping up the series. I’ll definitely be reading on at your new site. Can’t wait for the launch! Keep up the great work!!! :D

Well played, Nick! Well played! They are great characters. However, I’m a bit disappointed we never got to see Nikol re-unite with her sister. *sadness*

Also, you didn’t put in the character tags…yeah, sort of a goofy complaint, but, eh.

I do hope you do some more side stories (stand-alones or continuations, either would be fine) in the 70-seas universe, but, whenever you are ready to do them..

Such an amazing comic. Thank you for this. I have one question for you; since you never explained how it is Grin was able to be almost anyone, might we see that ability (and perhaps an explanation behind it) in the universe of Latchkey Kingdom?

It won’t be coming up in Latchkey Kingdom (at least not for a long long time) so I’ll just explain it here.

For starters, despite appearances Grin is not a demon and his abilities are in no way supernatural. Grin is a collective of individuals who are essentially psychically linked. Though it may sound supernatural this ‘psychic’ connection is actually the function of a fungus inside the brain of each Grin body. This fungus has evolved to interpret pheromones released by other infectees and inhaled by the host into thought. While a new host may initially be able to distinguish their own thoughts from those they are inheriting from the group, over time a blending occurs causing the new host’s identity to be subsumed by the group. In most cases this smearing together of minds produces a brutish hive mind only concerned with the covering of its basic needs.

However Grin is different, Grin takes great care to sculpt his new vessels into a defined personality. This starts with the selection of hosts. Grin is careful to choose victimized hosts in search of revenge. He approaches these individuals under the guise of a group of masked vigilantes who will offer the tools and training necessary to get their revenge in exchange for some paltry reward. During training Grin indoctrinates his ‘student’ in his way of thinking as well as his personal history. Before long Grin will conduct quasi-religious ceremony the true purpose of which is to inject the brain fungus into the base of his student’s skull. After this point it is essential Grin maintain almost constant contact with the student to keep them from realizing what is happening. If all goes well Grin will soon acquire a new body, without adding any more horrifying memories of being consumed by a hive mind.

I had originally planned on explaining this in a story where in order to ensure Nikol’s growth into a worthy adversary Grin kidnaps and enrolls her into a prison-like boarding school. After Nikol befriends an unpopular girl, Agitha* Grin finds out that Agitha is being bullied and offers to help her get revenge. Nikol doesn’t realize what’s going on until it’s too late and her half-crazy new friend is attempting to kill the school’s top ‘mean girl’, Madison Harker, (pictured top left here). The resulting cliff-side struggle ends with a bumped head for Madison and a broken neck for Agitha. However when Madison wakes up she has all of Agitha’s memories, soon she finds that she has Grin’s as well. Realizing that she’s under threat of being consumed by Grin’s hive mind Madison sets out to create one of her own. But where Grin’s identity is based on vengence Madison’s is based on vanity.

At least that was how I had it outlined. But as you may have noticed that story barely had any space for Nikol, let alone Serra and Lewk. And it would have taken about a year to set up, over which almost every aspect of 70-Seas that makes it 70-seas would be totally rewritten. So it seemed like a better idea just to move on to something else.

Incidentally Madison isn’t the only Latchkey Kingdom character culled from that story idea Princess Roseline (the blonde in the middle here) was going to be a scheming friend who would repeatedly use Nikol in her escape attempts.

*Which is frankly out of character since Nikol is rather stuck up and mean.

Hey Nick, will some of the side characters from the Extended stories make an appearance again? I loved the Kate and Tanya plotlines, and was always interested in the story of the nuns of Our Lady of the Impetus as well…

It’s too bad you couldn’t add the Grin info, but it makes sense why you moved on.

Will 70-Seas stuff make cameos in Latchkey Kingdom, or will the stories be completely isolated? And is Latchkey Kingdom on Lagend or a new planet?

Latchkey Kingdom does take place on Lagend. In fact it’s the very same island that contains The Metal Lands.

And characters from 70-Seas will probably drop by occasionally, although I don’t yet have any specific plans. Except for snake guy getting executed at the end of episode 5 (don’t worry he comes back)

The nature of the King’s boss is something I feel I never established the proper groundwork in the story to explain. What you have to know is that the Cartographer’s Guild isn’t just about maps, it’s a huge non-govermental non-partisan bureaucracy, devoted to solving every geographic problem on Lagend. One of the most important of which is the mail.

And this isn’t just letters to grandma. Generals, Kings, and cardinals all make frequent use of the guild post, and those wax seals they all use aren’t nearly as difficult to remove and replace as they imagine. If an individual was so inclined they could read (or even edit) the communication of all the planet’s most powerful people and none would be the wiser. And Being employed at a fundamentally liberal mind organization like the Cartographer’s Guild, this eavesdropper might notice some rather unpleasant trends in world events. Mostly that the majority of the world’s leaders are greedy, amoral, idiots who have done nothing to earn their position at the helm.

So the eavesdropper might feel it necessary to knock these monarchs down a peg. But as useful as all this ‘mail hacking’ is it doesn’t replace the utility of boots on the ground. So the eavesdropper might decide to look through some criminal or military records and find a couple of rogue mercenaries who won’t ask questions. Payment is just a matter of moving some numbers around in a couple billionaire’s bank statements. Now all they need is a name; The Kings, what better name for the people who will help you rid the world of the monarchy.

That being said I suppose its certainly possible that The Kings will make an appearance in Latchkey Kingdom, but I have no specific plans at this time.To be frank those guys are probably too scary for Willa to deal with.

So… Where are they going? More adventures, or are we going to see these people more in the future?

Anyways, I loved it from beginning to end. One of the most original adventure comics or stories I’ve read!

All these reveals outside of the story… *sniff*

Will Madison appear in LK? Will this “second Grin” persona come into play in anyway? Now I’ve this image of a horde of metrosexual, Grin-type characters stuck in my mind. ‘Avin’ 2 many gigguls at it.

Also, just what would have been the end result of Mary Mendele’s continued experimentation on Debra? And will we see either of them, and/or Edward Mutiny again?

That Grin arch isn’t really a great fit for the LK story so when Madison does appear she’s just going to be an ordinary stuck up jerk.

Mary Mendele and Edward Mutiny will likely have small roles in some future LK stories.

The ultimate results of Mendele’s experimentation on Debra are not something I completely worked out, but I can tell you there was going to be some blurring of the line between yuman and hound.

And Grin is not a fungus overmind, that implies that the fungus is doing the thinking. Grin is a network of fungally altered yuman brains and bodies.

So Mutiny and Mary’ll make a comeback? Fuck yeah.

>>>”but I can tell you there was going to be some blurring of the line between yuman and hound.”

That’s pretty awesome. So she’s augmenting Debra with hound DNA/genetic material. That explains her growth and strength.

>>>”And Grin is not a fungus overmind, that implies that the fungus is doing the thinking. Grin is a network of fungally altered yuman brains and bodies.”

That’s what I mean, I’m just stating that I was pretty close is all.