July 8, 2009

If you don’t recognize the nun, then you need to go read Mary Mendele right NOW!


As M’jldrfk nurses it’s eye Serra comes to her feet and readies herself to stomp the pod she spotted earlier.
Serra: Huff, I got you- -now you- -huff- -crappy- -huff- -animal.

A purple cloud explodes from the ship Vikea. Poot

Later, someone is impressed.
Narrator: Later.
Mary: I must say I’m impressed.

Mary Mendele stands before a caged and sleeping M’jldrfk, Stanislaw stands besides her, clip board in hand.
Mary: It’s rare I get a specimin in this kind of condition.
Stanislaw: Why, um thank-
M’jldrfk: ZZZzzz.

Mary: I wish I could say the same for my spore pod.
Stanislaw: Well, about that-
Mary: Tell me.

Serra lies naked and babbling incoherently in a bathtub brimming of leeches, Lewk sits beside her holding a jar. The room is covered in spatterings of blood.
Mary: The person who did it, did they survive?
Lewk: Hmm, I think we need more leeches.
Serra: Umuna, wona, mama, mome, ne–

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  1. Gillsing says:

    That was an interesting nun. :-)

  2. Nick Daniel says:

    Well, I’m sure we haven’t seen the last of her.

  3. Dudikov says:

    I take it Debrah’s more than just a scribe at this point. Unless whatever chemical cocktail Mary slipped her with that syringe was only temporary. I also get the feeling whatever Mary’s implying here will echo til’ further down the line. Or perhaps the leeches remedied that.

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