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Our Heroes

Lewk of Azeramethonrel
(not really from Azeramethonrel)

A self proclaimed prophet with a tendancy for finding (and making) trouble.

Has a wide selection of bridges available for immediate purchase.

Nikol Mimagi (AKA Mimagi Niku)

Nikol comes from some remote island that no one ever heard of where she was training to become a ninja (whatever that is). Due to some recent political upheavals she’s now a fugitive.

Serra Serif

The Captain of the Unspeakable Terror. Serra is out for fame and fortune, but only so far as it’ll prove to every inbreed moron in her crappy hometown that she is truely better than them.

Her father just so happens to be the greatest murderer in all history, but it’s not like it’s a big deal or anything

People Who Hate Lewk


People Who Hate Nikol

Other People Our Heroes Know

Al Pothecary