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On the planet Lagend things are getting… complicated

Well into the second Age of Exploration and Warfare the Church is pushing the boundaries of nature and decency, the Vikings have resorted to legitimate commerce, and thanks to a tiny revolution in a country no one has ever heard of it is now possible to hire the services of something called a ‘ninja’.

Fortunately for navigator Serra, child fugitive Nikol, and divine prophet Lewk you don’t need to know about any of that to be a privateer. You just need to know that port is heading northeast, the war is scheduled for Tuesday, and 43% of all (reported) profits are reserved for the coffers of the Republican Empire of Fra.

Someone is probably going to get killed but whoever survives is going to hit it BIG!*

*before taxes


Teenage vagabonds explore destiny tropes and magic fish.

An explorer argues with natives/savages with the help of a linguistic avian.

Nuns breed monsters and act monstrously.

Mercenaries hatch a mysterious conspiracy that’s mysterious even to themselves.

A thief attempts to get himself arrested.

Gods commit unspeakable acts with children present.

A barbarian and a wizard clash in the vacation home of commercialism.

Invertebrates eat an island apart.

A mad mascot battles amusement park security.

70-Seas is mostly written* and drawn by Nick Daniel, you can see more of Nick’s art at or his blog.

If you want to get in contact with Nick you can leave a comment (he reads all of them), leave a message in the cBox on the right hand sidebar (he reads those too), or send him an e-mail at (You had better believe he reads those!)

*Bob Mackey wrote the first two chapters, he writes for things all over the place, so it’s easiest to just follow his tweets @bobservo.