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Christmas 2012 (Hilde)

Christmas 2012 (Hilde) published on 2 Comments on Christmas 2012 (Hilde)

Since learning about Christmas a few years ago, Hilde has yet to master the nuances of the Christmas spirit.

If you haven’t heard today is the day that the Mayan long count calendar runs out. Which for some reason means it’s the apocalypse.

Merry Apocalypse!!

Midnight at the Lava Cauldron

Midnight at the Lava Cauldron published on 4 Comments on Midnight at the Lava Cauldron

Hilde may be a lady of action, but that doesn’t mean she can’t appreciate some down time.

These falls are inspired by horsetail falls in Yosemite national park, although that one’s not actually made of lava.

One more art update until Chapter 11 starts next week. These would be a lot easier if I had any idea what I was making before hand.

Thanksgiving 2011 (Hilde)

Thanksgiving 2011 (Hilde) published on 3 Comments on Thanksgiving 2011 (Hilde)

When it comes to books you can read them or put candles on them. They have two uses!

Also note that this is one of Hilde’s treasure hordes, meaning that the only people leaving there alive are Hilde and her property.