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Fortress 40K

Fortress 40K published on 8 Comments on Fortress 40K

Fortress40K is a ridiculously complicated game that requires 8+ players, has a zillion tiny pieces, takes days to play, and its rules are the size of a phone book. Of course it’s a big hit with the kids of Hilla

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Jinx 23

Jinx 23 published on 12 Comments on Jinx 23

You really should have seen this coming.

As far as I know jinxing is probably not very international so allow me to explain.

When two people (usually children) say the same thing at the same time either one of them can call jinx. Upon doing so the other person cannot speak without immediately getting punched. However the jinx may be lifted by a pre-determined set of rules that varies highly from place to place. One of the most popular ways of lifting a jinx is for the jinxee to provide the jinxer with a Coke. Well Lagend ain’t got Coke so they gotta use Elixir.

And that’s why the protagonists in videogames never talk.