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The Mall of the Red Wizard 5

The Mall of the Red Wizard 5 published on

While I was still writing this I showed my finished pages to my pal Trent. Who mentioned that Hilde not getting off her beast showed that she had high status. I took an improv class with Trent during grad school, and it was in the improv/drama sense that he was using the term status. Status in this sense refers to how much importance this person gives themselves. Hilde feels that she’s important so she’s not going to care that her beast is taking up a lot of space or that people have to look up to her even while she’s sitting.

And that’s why she’s not going to be getting off that thing for the entirety of this comic.

The Mall of the Red Wizard 4

The Mall of the Red Wizard 4 published on

One last thing I took as a point of inspiration from Brutal Legend is Hilde here. Her design was largely inspired by Lita Halford (pictured here on the left). That hair cut, those dark dark circles around the eyes, it’s like Picasso said if you want to be a great artist, you just gotta steal.

The Mall of the Red Wizard 3

The Mall of the Red Wizard 3 published on

The fact that beasts can scale castle walls would likely be the sort of thing that would greatly up set theLagish balance of power, similar to it would have upset our terrestrial balance of power had European colonist discovered upon embarking n their conquest of Africa a native population of rhino mounted cavalry. That is except for two points; First that they are difficult (homicidally so) to transport over water, and second that most riders attempting to scale a wall upon beast back quickly find themselves falling to their death.

The Mall of the Red Wizard 2

The Mall of the Red Wizard 2 published on 1 Comment on The Mall of the Red Wizard 2

I know what you’re thinking; they’ve figured out explosive ballista bolts, but they can’t apply that technology to the manufacture of cannons or guns, what’s going on here?

Well I don’t have an answer for you!